“The life of skateboarding and everything that goes with it.”  La Vie Skateboards was created to always spread the joy and love of all skateboarding. To help recognize people that have put their heart and soul into this industry. Acknowledge the hardships that exist and assist in giving back. Skateboarding has its ups and downs and La Vie Skateboards was created to positively showcase it all.

“This has been a life long project of mine. I’ve dedicated my entire life to skateboarding and everything that goes with it. I rode the chain of skateboarding from a young passion to a professional career. Always paying attention and learning about the industry.  Over the years I’ve tried to take all that knowledge and pass it on as well as lend a hand everywhere I was capable of. Anything to benefit my love of skateboarding and share that with others. Starting this company was always in my plan. Giving a platform to be able to do what I love.

Everything put into this company is solely out of passion and knowledge. Bringing people in that have the same passion as I do is what makes this company strictly about skateboarding and quality. Even the concave and kicks are from my original pro model. Only giving back the same quality I would ride myself. La Vie Skateboards is based on a life of skateboarding.”

-Casey McDonald

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